photo la 2016 Catalogue

Advertising alignment with photo l.a. affords brand visibility to an affluent clientele base that has been cultivated over the course of 26 years. With over 10,000 patrons, collectors, curators, artists, designers, students, teachers and enthusiasts in attendance last January, photo l.a. continues to attract an upscale crowd interested in high culture, leisure and luxury. Through the across-the-board growth photo l.a. has seen over the last year, we have now procured an even higher volume of partnerships.

This year our dynamic catalogue will be both printed and will remain online viewable from computers and all mobile devices, thus increasing its marketing reach far beyond the fair itself. Anyone, anywhere can view the catalogue online at no charge and it will always remain accessible online. The catalogue is also available for downloading and printing. The photo l.a. printed catalogue and e-Catalogue comes with combined rate which gives your advertising dollar greater exposure at less cost.

Our elegant Combination Catalogue is the perfect location to advertise your service, product or event to most effectively reach galleries, curators, collectors and supporters of the arts. Having produced 55 art fairs over the past 26 years, the photo l.a. team has cultivated brand associations in the fine arts community that extend our reach into secondary and international markets to also include schools, students, designers, amateur photographers, artists and more.

Critically-acclaimed as a showcase for the best photographic art today, photo l.a. continues to be celebrated as one of the most dynamic and energized art fairs in the world. We invite you to partner with us and enjoy the benefits of our success by advertising in our e-Catalogue. Make our audience your audience.

Full Page: $1,500 (6x9 inch)
Half Page: $850 (6x4.5 inch)

All ads purchased now will be placed in the current 2016 catalogue and transferred to the 2017 catalogue in January 2017.




Acceptable File Formats: Press-Optimized PDF (300 dpi + CMYK + all fonts embedded)
TIFF or JPG (350 dpi + CMYK + No Compression)
Do not include security settings
Merge all layers and flatten all transparencies


Catalog Trim Size: 9 x 6 inches
Full Page & inside back cover (vertical format only)
9.25 x 6.25 inches with bleed
1/8 inch bleed on all sides
1/2 inch margin
8 x 5 inch live area

Half Page
4.5 x 6 inches without bleed
1/2 inch margin
3.5 x 5 inch live area


All artwork must be submitted & approved by: December 27, 2016
With exception to e-Catalogue ads which must be submitted & approved by: January 3, 2017


Email file to ads@photola.com.